Sunday, 6 January 2013

Happy New Blog

A new year, a new blog. Well it's my first actually, and it's not that I had a sudden urge at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve to whip up a blog. This has actually been in the making for many months. My inital motivation was to diarise our new garden and watch the progress of the design and growth over time. However, after many hours of searching the web for pretty images, templates etc. and then trying to incorporate them (I am not tech savvy) I gave up in frustration.

In my defence though, I also didn't have a garden at that point. While I could have posted multiple photos of the building process, I thought they wouldn't make for interesting blogging. Unless there are pretty gardens or chic interior furnishings, I lose interest quite quickly (yes I am the first to admit that I am materialistic, and my future blogs will quickly indicate that).

Now that we have moved into our new house and my mind races with potential designs and ideas as we start to garden, I am once again inspired to attempt blogging. I enjoy reading various other blogs (always about gardens and french style decorating of course) but unfortunately I don't have the technical skill to make mine as impressive. There are also likely to be more pictures than words to convey my style.

Although this is more for personal gratification (as I don't believe that anybody would actually be interested in anything I have to say), I welcome anybody that is interested enough to take the time to have a look, and I would love to hear any feedback.

So now that I have managed to decorate my blog sufficiently (although very basic at this stage) I think I am ready to start blogging. I hope to learn a lot along the way and customize it much more, but for now, here we go. I have entered the blogosphere.


  1. Happy New it! And the materialistic confession, i look fwd to lots of goodies and lovely things

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