Saturday, 19 January 2013

Beautiful Visitors

Moving back out to acreage has been undoubtedly the best move that we have made. The lure of city living certainly had its advantages and many conveniences, but it proved to us that we really do prefer to have peace and quiet, and some space around us. Apart from having more land, and a blank canvas to design and create my own garden though, we are often the privileged hosts of some beautiful visitors. We have our own beautiful pets who are of course permanent residents here. Our horse, Molly, and two beautiful tonkinese kittens, Ava and Audrey. But it is the visitors that take us by surprise that I am sharing with you today.

For example, the first morning that we woke up here (October 2012), I found a lady bird on our front door. I took this as a sign of good luck welcoming us to our new home. If you ever saw the movie "Under the Tuscan Sun" (my favourite movie), the main character was blessed with ladybirds landing on her. I have since seen many ladybirds on the few plants that we have planted.

Secondly, after a rather large purchase of plants last week, we were busy digging holes when a beautiful young thoroughbred filly galloped through our unfenced paddock. Her loud winniing announced her presence. Luckily for her, she was caught by my husband, fenced in and fed, before she could continue on her way and potentially hurt herself. Then we continued with our gardening hoping that the owner would soon come looking for her, which she did. Molly was quite happy to have a friend in the meantime.

Then this morning, we woke to find a beautiful owl on the front verandah. It didn't appear to be injured, and after consultation with the RSPCA , we decided that it might just need to sleep at our place for the day, and hopefully it will fly off to hunt at dusk tonight. If not, then the RSPCA will come and give it any care that it requires. The valley that we live in is actually known as "Home of the Powerful Owl", in recognition of an important breeding area for the bird in the valley. It is Australia's largest owl, is shy and rarely seen.
So how lucky are we to have him\her as our guest for the day to sleep peacefully on the verandah?
I wander who or what will be our next visitor?


  1. I envy much of the scenes you have, I wish I have them here in the city, its very lovely seeing this animals around you ...

  2. How awesome was it to have an owl stop by? I'm not jealous much :)