Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Best Laid Plans

Yesterday was the day that my mother and I had finally set aside to catch up on some sewing projects. As it is summer and the days are so hot, any gardening is left for the late afternoons.

However, after an early morning start of looking at my favourite blogs, a little seed of inspiration was planted. Decorating mode was quickly overtaking the need to sew. The thought of transforming some drab green and brown shutters (currently hiding in the stable) into gentle soft grey (worthy of a place inside the house) sounded much more important. Then the thought of those lovely white and grey tones made me think of my favourite shop, French and Gorgeous. The name of the shop alone should give you an indication of why I would want to go there, and that would still leave the afternoon to do our sewing. Asking mum if she was happy to prolong our sewing until after coffee and a visit to this shop was never going to be a problem.

So we arrived in Dayboro, and first things first, coffee? No, that can wait until after. Even the approach to their entrance had my enthusiasm peaking. The smell of something beautiful-milk painted furniture? the delicate fragrance of a candle burning? homemade soaps that look like a slice of delicious cake? No doubt the combination of all. Walking through those doors is always fatal to the purse. Whether it be large or small, we never leave without a new (but old) treasure, and yesterday was no different. Aside from our purchases, I was admiring the wispy decoration of a dried flower arrangement, apparently from Helen's (one of the owners) garden. I knew of this Queen Anne's Lace as I had seen it in the garden of Rosevale Homestead, but didn't realise it was also pretty as a dried flower. The lovely Lyn kindly offered it to us so we could plant the seeds in our garden. It would suit my garden theme perfectly as the flower is white, but I had more immediate plans for it. I had a glass bottle at home, freshly washed and waiting for a tall wispy arrangement.

And it isn't just the physical things that you walk away with after a visit to a favourite or inspirational shop. There was no way I was going home without a quick stop at the hardware store to buy some grey paint.
Needless to say, as I am sure you have all experienced this before, the sewing didn't eventuate that day. The important thing though is that my mother and I had a lovely day together and went home inspired for our garden as well as decorating.

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